What is the charm of Tokyo? I would say well mixed atmosphere of modernity and tradition. Let’s find old and new Tokyo through this one day trip! Please select 3-4 destinations from the list so that we can make your customized itinerary together depending on your interests or pace!
Highlights  Tsukiji Fish Market
  •   Hamarikyu Garden
  •   Odaiba
  •   Asakusa
  •   Ginza
  •   Meiji Shrine
  •   Harajuku Omotesando area
  •   Shibuya Crossing
  •   Nezu Museum
  •   Tokyo National Museum
  •   Yanaka Ginza( Shopping alley for locals)
  •   Akihabara
  • Imperial Palace Ground
Is this your first time to Tokyo? Whenever I travel to a new city for the first time, I try to figure out the city size, must -see spots, culture, food, transportation, etc. and always think that it will be nice if someone guides me to know the city’s outline quickly. Here I am! I’m your guide.
If you are a repeater to Tokyo,no problem! When I travel abroad, I always encounter many intriguing traditions, cultures, places, food and people. If there is someone who explains what I see and want to know, my understanding of the city will definitely deepen. I would like to offer you such experiences to make your travel rich with memories.
Let’s explore Tokyo with me!
This is just one sample tour:
Imperial Palace Ground – Now Royal Couple’s residence and used to be Edo Castle.
Tsukiji Fish Market – The world famous and one of the biggest fish markets. You will find many intriguing seafood, vegetables and processed food.
Hamarikyu Garden – Tea Break! Let’s have a bowl of powdered green tea with Japanese seasonal sweets at the Shogun’s garden
Asakusa – Department store of religion? Let’s learn little bit about Shintoism and Buddhism which have formed our cultural base.
Ginza – Let’s stroll through high-end shops alley and food floor of department store
Please let me know your requests and interests!