Are you looking for a guide in Japan?

Hello! I am Haruko, a licensed tour guide. 

I am happy to show you around my home country.

I have been a guide for four years now and good at telling stories about Japan and Japanese culture.

Today you can get information easily on the Internet and it makes easier for you to travel around the world by yourselves. However, if you know the stories behind, your experiences in different cultures would be richer and more enjoyable ones. I would love to help you to make a bridge between your culture and ours.



I am originally from Fukuoka, south west part of Japan and have lived in Tokyo for more than thirty years.

I had been a stay-at-home mom for long time and after raising two children, I wanted to do something interesting for me and also good for the others.

I think my curiosity towards different cultures and Japanese tradition led me to become a licensed guide.

I provide guided tours to English speaking travelers and provide support to foreign businesses entering Japan market. My name, Haruko means clear sky child.

Maybe because of my name, I am a Hare-onna, which means a woman who brings a sunny day. So I named my website Sunny Days in Tokyo!

May your stay in Japan be bright and joyful like a sunny day!