Exploring the “maze” of Tsukiji Fish Market

Let’s visit world famous fish market! The Tsukiji Market is known as one of the world’s largest fish markets handling over 2,000 tons of marine products per day.
In Tsukiji market are, there are two markets; Inner and Outer market. We will visit both markets and Namiyoke Shrine. Namiyoke (literally means protection against waves) shrine is a guardian shrine for the market and its traders.


*Tsukiji Inner Market
*Tsukiji Outer Marke
*Namiyoke Shrine
The inner market is consists of more than 600 middle wholesalers and basically for the professionals; restaurants including sushi restaurants, fish shops, supermarkets and so on. Each shop in the inner market has its own specialty. One shop sells only tuna and other shop is for sea urchin. You will encounter a great variety of marine products and people who dedicate themselves not only to sell the highest quality products but also to hand down our food culture with pride. The outer market, meanwhile, is for the public. You can find anything related to eating and food; kitchen utensils, tableware, dried food, seaweed, tea, seasonings, knives, decoration stuff, packages,etc. Last but not least, you can’t miss your chance of trying out delicious foods!


The Tsukiji Fish Market is closed on Sunday, some Wednesdays and holidays. We will go into the inner market where the floor is wet and slippery, so please put on comfortable flat shoes. Also closed-toe shoes is strongly recommended for your safety. If you have small children, please let me know in advance. I may bring you only the outer market and Namiyoke shrine for the safety reason. Please bring along some Japanese Yen in cash since not all of the shops, especially small shops, accept credit cards.