Tsukiji Outer Market and Depachika Tour

Even though the world famous Tsukiji Fish Market moved to the other place, Tsukiji Outer Market keeps a business going at the original site. You can still enjoy lively market atmosphere and fresh foods! I am happy to share my favorite seafood shops where I sometimes actually buy and tips you can easily apply to your cooking at home!
In Japan, most of the department stores have foodstuff area at their basement. These area are called  “depachika” (a combination of “depato”, meaning department store, and “chika”, meaning basement). The “depachika” of Japan are like “food theme parks”. You will find neatly wrapped jewel-like fuits, many different kinds of “bento box”, “osozai”(prepared meals)  in a various styles; Japanese,Chinese, Italian, French, Thai, Korean, Indian,etc.
Usually “depachika” have two categories: an area featuring everyday delicatessen, snacks and treats and area featuring perishables such as “wagyu” meat, fish and ve getables.
You will be amazed and even overwhelmed with variety of foods and Japanese people’s enthusiasm for eating.
We will explore the “depachika” to find the secrets
of Japanese food culture.
Here is a sample itinerary:
9:00am meet in the lobby of your hotel
9:30am Enjoy a maze of the market, meeting friendly Tsukiji workers    and fresh sea foods
10:30am leave the market and walk to Ginza while walking to Ginza I will tell you stories of Tokyo pointing out some historical buildings and sites.
11:30am Ginza Depachika
12:30pm End of the tour-Picnic Time! You can buy some Japanese foods you have never seen to try some at deli corner and bring them to the upstairs where the department store prepares chairs and tables in the open air.