In Japan, most of the department stores have foodstuff area at their basement. These area are called  “depachika” (a combination of “depato”, meaning department store, and “chika”, meaning basement). The “depachika” of Japan are like “food theme parks”. You will find neatly wrapped jewel-like fuits, many different kinds of “bento box”, “osozai”(prepared meals)  in a various styles; Japanese,Chinese, Italian, French, Thai, Korean, Indian,etc.
Usually “depachika” have two categories: an area featuring everyday delicatessen, snacks and treats and area featuring perishables such as “wagyu” meat, fish and ve getables.
You will be amazed and even overwhelmed with variety of foods and Japanese people’s enthusiasm for eating.
We will explore the “depachika” to find the secrets
of Japanese food culture.